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Active Network Management (ANM)

Active Network Management (ANM) is a system that allows network operators to control and alter the output of generators connected to their network. An ANM system generally consists of three pieces of hardware: a central ‘brain’ that sits in the network operators control room and has the ability to send instructions to generators to change…

How does electricity get traded?

How does electricity get traded? The wholesale electricity market is where generators and suppliers buy and sell electricity. Suppliers wish to purchase enough electricity to meet the demand of their customers. Generators can sell the electricity produced by their power stations on the wholesale market. The trades can be completed on an exchange (ICE and…

It’s blowing a gale outside, why is that windfarm not spinning?

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter (Billy Connolly). We get wind, rain, and cold temperatures almost all year round. Our climate does have its benefits, namely for renewable generation. We have close to 10GW of onshore/offshore wind farms currently installed in Scotland[1]. If operating at full capacity, this is enough energy to…

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