Networks – Electricity Distribution Network

Overview There are two different levels of network in the UK: Transmission; and Distribution. While large scale generation tend to be connected to the Transmission network (see previous blog LINK), smaller scale generation is connected to the Distribution network. The Distribution network operates at lower voltages compared to the Transmission network with voltages reduced byContinue reading “Networks – Electricity Distribution Network”

Networks – Electricity Transmission Network

Overview Network operators are those who own and maintain the infrastructure that allows the electricity produced by generators to be transferred across the country to households/factories etc. There are two different levels of network in the UK: Transmission; and Distribution (LINK). The Transmission Network transports electricity across the entire length of the country. Large scaleContinue reading “Networks – Electricity Transmission Network”

Pumped Storage Hydro Power Stations in the UK

Pumped Storage is one of the most important generation types in the UK. Not to be confused with ‘regular’ hydro stations where water runs downstream, either having been stored in a reservoir or without a reservoir – pumped storage sites have the ability to pump water back into the reservoir, providing it with a wayContinue reading “Pumped Storage Hydro Power Stations in the UK”

What happens when the lights go out?

Imagine being at home, TV on, kettle on, just about to sit and watch your favourite programme after a long hard day. And then the lights go out. WTF is going on? Chances are you won’t be the only one saying that. Short-term blackouts can occur, usually because of a localised issue at a nearbyContinue reading “What happens when the lights go out?”