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Offshore Wind in the UK

Current Level There are currently 9.5GW of operational Offshore Windfarms in the UK with a further 1.3GW under construction (Source: National Grid TEC Register 1st October 2020). The UK has the largest Offshore Wind capacity in the world, accounting for roughly 25% of all installations and upcoming projects (Renewable UK). In Europe, the UK installed…

It’s blowing a gale outside, why is that windfarm not spinning?

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter (Billy Connolly). We get wind, rain, and cold temperatures almost all year round. Our climate does have its benefits, namely for renewable generation. We have close to 10GW of onshore/offshore wind farms currently installed in Scotland[1]. If operating at full capacity, this is enough energy to…

Pumped Storage Hydro Power Stations in the UK

Pumped Storage is one of the most important generation types in the UK. Not to be confused with ‘regular’ hydro stations where water runs downstream, either having been stored in a reservoir or without a reservoir – pumped storage sites have the ability to pump water back into the reservoir, providing it with a way…

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